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This site is updated every Sunday, I add episodes as they air on NBC. I do all my own video encoding and pulling off the sound clips.

I also have the 25th anneversary show on tape, at least the first 2 1/2 hours. If you'd like a video clip or sound clip from a particular part, tell me the skit and about how long into the show it was.


  • 10/11/99: I may encode some clips from the 'Best of '98 '99' show, but I have most of the clips already up. Thanks to Kyle and Mr. Goverau for alerting me of my faulty links!
  • 10/03/99: The new season has started, added the Jerry Seinfeld show.
  • 9/28/99: Sorry about the late update, I've been swamped with other things. Added Gwenneth Paltrow show.
  • 9/19/99: Added clips from the Cuba Gooding show
  • 9/12/99: GRAND OPENING: Added clips from Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller shows
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This site was created on: 9/12/99